“Profits over humanity”: M’s Story

Thank you for having the courage and platform to share your powerful story. Not only has your family survived and thrived through a year that would havebeen impossible for so many others, you are taking on what so many continue to ignore in our collective slide to the bottom, the absolute loss of humanity in the drive to make the rich richer and the rest of us complacently dependent upon them.

As the mother of a premature baby, I understand the fear of pumping your "liquid gold" while your beautiful baby lay surrounded by glass and hookedup to tubes. I too, was fortunate to have what many would consider an excellent health benefit plan.  I am a social worker, who works specificallywith pregnant women and new mothers, and I see the difference every daybetween those who have benefits and those who do not.

I see the effects every day of profits over humanity, this has been happening more clearly to the poor in recent years, but it continues to creep ever higher up the class / employment status chain.

I thank you for putting yourself and your family's story out there, I hope it will help start a larger discussion about the absurdity of accepting the loss of a retirement plan, the future promised, expected and owed, while Tim or anyone else has the nerve to say they are enjoying record profits.  The utter offensiveness of trying to justify their attempt to steal from those who allowed them to enjoy those record profit margins is just so galling, especially since as you state, benefits are there to be used.  I know in my situation that yes, my employer does pay for my medical and retirement benefits, but I also pay an equal portion.  I don't even know the best way to describe how utterly saddened it makes me feel to know my son will grow up with this kind of worldview unless we collectively make some real changes.

-M., Toronto