“My bosses wonder why I’m so ‘lazy’”: Sara Batchelder’s Story

Sara Batchelder

I have chronic daily migraine, been refused disability insurance, and continue to dredge on in my job - with all my coworkers and bosses wondering why I'm so damn "lazy".  You and your daughter deserve every cent of your health care benefits.  No one understands until they have stood in your shoes.  If Tim Armstrong became disabled or had a sick child, he could probably retire early and live like a king.  And I’m sure he'd use his disability and health insurance to the maximum that he could (and his lawyers could get for him).

I just went to Washington DC to lobby Congress (with no success) for increases in NIH funding for migraine/headache disease and increased support for our veterans, who are increasingly being diagnosed with traumatic headache disorder.  

Sometimes I wonder why I am fighting when nothing seems to change, but I can’t think of what else to do! 

-Sara Batchelder