“I’m lucky to live in Canada”: L’s Story


As a business owner, man and father of 2 preemies, I'm speechless on how much that must've hurt to hear Armstrong’s comments and at the same time how mind-numbingly stupid he must've felt to say these words. As a CEO, he's supposed to look out for his company and people.

Both my sons were born preemies (25 and 27 weeks) and that challenge is so tough that I can't think of how it felt to be finger pointed at while trying to save your child's life. I'm lucky to live in Canada, during their 5-months stay in the hospital, I didn't receive any bill in the mail, not one.... Our health care paid for it and that was a great relief. Receiving these bills, then getting them covered by the insurance that you pay every month and every year is already a money stress, but being called out for it... WOW.