“I had a perfect pregnancy”: Elizabeth Tsironis’s Story


I had a perfect pregnancy.  I was carrying healthy twin boys and everything was going well.  At 23 weeks, my water broke unexpectedly and I was rushed to the hospital.  Luckily, I delivered the twins at Children’s Minneapolis and they were capable of handling 23 weekers.  

During our 4 month stay in the NICU, my boys both had PDA ligations, perforated ileostomies, broviac catheters, oscillating vents, enlarged ventricles, developed NEC, had bacterial infections, and Retinopatha of Prematurity.  They each had 2 major surgeries before they turned 2 weeks old and weighed only 15 ½ ounces.  They had the roughest stay in the NICU I can imagine for babies.  I didn’t get to hold them until they were almost 6 weeks old.  The down times in the NICU were heart wrenching.  Not knowing for so long if we were even going to be taking our babies home was the hardest…and keeping it all in check as we also had our 18 month old daughter at home.

The first year home was extremely difficult.  We didn’t have people come in to the house and we didn’t go out.  It was winter and we couldn’t risk their tiny bodies getting sick.  We were diligent about washing and disinfecting everything for the first year until they could get strong enough to handle even a common cold.  Days and weeks passed…I don’t really know how we got through those difficult first years, but here we are…still married and the boys are now 12 ½ years old!  They are strong, healthy, active, beautiful boys.  We know how blessed beyond words we are.  We look at them every day knowing that they could just as easily have not been here at all.  

-Elizabeth Tsironis