“I could never take any moment of my son’s life for granted”: Mara Schoner’s Story

Mara Schoner

I too have a kid who had slim chances of living and spent many weeks in the hospital. He also had a brain hemorrhage but he ended up developing hydrocephalus from the the blood and then requiring surgery.

I was also that mother who could never take any moment of my son's life or any developmental step he accomplished - couldn't take any of it for granted. 

I also wanted to say to you (because I know where you are) that my son is now almost 18 and a creative writer, applying to 5 universities. He's an unusual, beautiful, sensitive, caring person who is greatly appreciated at his high school by his teachers and other students. You'd never know how far he's come meeting him now.

So while you'll surely be wondering how your daughter will fare, celebrating every milestone and worrying...don't let anyone tell you how far she will or won't go. The sky's the limit - Dante was "feisty" too - that life force is something to contend with.

One other thing is something I just recently found: therapy that specifically deals with PTSD (I did EMDR) - it took me 17 years to brave it. And it's made a huge difference in my life. (And my family's lives!)

-Mara Schoner, mother of Dante