“How can you place a price tag on that?”: Audrey’s Story

As the mother of a "distressed baby" and I cannot begin to tell you how distressed I became upon hearing Mr. Armstrong's comments. His comments were cold and heartless. They truly sickened me. I think only the parent of a preemie can fully understand the impact of his statements. I have always stated that you can leave the NICU but the NICU never leaves you! 

Our daughter Alexa was born 20 years ago, at 29 weeks and weighed 2 pounds 2 ounces. Due to inflation she was "only" a half million dollar baby. Our only concern was getting Alexa through the roller coaster ride of the NICU. 

Not once did we consider the financial aspect of her NICU stay. There were enough stresses on us during that time period. Wanting to be in the NICU everyday, maintain a work schedule and taking care of another child at home were stresses enough. Knowing that our employers and insurance company were standing behind us made it easier to concentrate on what was important-the health and well being of both of our children.  The only resources being drained were emotional and physical. My husband's employer offered the option of a catastrophic insurance rider and luckily we had the foresight to enroll in it.  

Not only is she our miracle baby, she is our pride and joy! She is currently attending NYU and continues to excel in all she sets out to accomplish. I still remember walking into the NICU and the nurse telling me Alexa had graduated..it was from the incubator into the bassinet.  I can only hope that feeling will duplicate itself when Alexa graduates college in two years! How can you place a price tag on that?